There’s A Wideness in God’s Mercy

There’s A Wideness in God’s Mercy

What I Did On My Summer Vacation” by Bobby Wang. Somewhere out there I know there exists such a piece; maybe two or three from my years in grade school. It was back-to-school time and every teacher’s go to assignment; write a theme about something you did that summer. Needless to say, if called upon to complete such an assignment today, I would surely write about our trip to the wild west (and now I know how it got its name); a name that still applies today from the simple reality that most every state west of the Mississippi maintains a certain wild-ness about it.

In all fairness to our western brethren and sisters, there is surely great beauty and majesty if that’s what you’re looking for or have time to take in. However, from the vantage point of the US Interstate system, combined with a “make good time” agenda, there are two words that Judy and I agreed on. They were “vast” and “desolate;” which of particular note one can experience in all of North Dakota, Montana, Washington, and parts of Oregon, Idaho, and Utah, and most of Wyoming, and Nebraska. There is a certain “wideness” in our nation’s western states that is beyond compare. And the other two words we came to dread as we approached many exits in those states; “no services.” Fortunately, we always planned ahead with the exception of the rest area with signs that read – “Rattle snakes may be present. Keep on the path.”

After it was all said and done, 4,736 miles later we looked back and were able to say, “mission accomplished.” Mollie and her dog, Soprano are settled into their new digs to begin her degree at Pacific University. Our family got to spend what may have been our last vacation together as a family of four. And, we spent some quality time with my Utah brother and his family; highlighted with Josh playing the pipe organ in the Mormon Tabernacle (thanks to my brother Dave pulling a few strings).

Consequently, we now have some wonderful new memories and some most indelible images of mountains, valleys, prairies, desserts, rivers, oceans, and highways; all reminding us of how small we are midst all that is God’s creation. It’s times like these that put life in perspective and remind us how vast and great is the love of our Creator God. And to think that our God thinks the world of even the tiniest of God’s creatures, that how much more it pleases God that there are those who seek God in all things and who regularly give God the glory. There is a wideness in God’s mercy.

I trust many of you made some good memories with your own summer adventures these past few months. And that as you traveled near or far you had the blessed experience of seeing God in all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small. As always, I look forward to seeing ya’ all together in church again.

Pastor Bob

P.S. If you really wish to annoy me call me “Bobby.” I hated it when people called me by that name as a kid!!!