Star Words

Star Words

             This past Sunday we celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany.  If you were unable to attend worship, please try to find time to listen to the sermon online as it was a tool to set us up with themes to journey closer to God this year. 

              During the service, I gave congregation members Star Words.  Star Words are a prayer practice of using intentional or guiding words to lead you on a journey for the coming year.  Last Sunday, people at worship picked a word at random from a basket during communion.  I have put the basket in the Narthex for those who haven’t had a chance to get a star word. Please feel free to take one to a friend, neighbor, or someone you visit.

            The best way to journey with a star word is to first look up the word and explore all of its meanings.  Note if anything about the definitions was new for you.  An example is the word epiphany itself.  If the word is capitalized it means the January 6th observance as a church celebration commemorating the coming of the Magi as the first manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles.  However with a small ‘e’, epiphany can mean an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure, or a revealing scene or moment.  This background on the word can lead you to new thoughts. 

            Once you know how the word is used, just put your star word where you will see it on a regular basis such as your car, your mirror, or other places in your house where you will see it each day.  Say a prayer each time you encounter it for God to teach you or lead you to something new about this word.  Then stand back and allow the Holy Spirit to do its work!  You may start encountering the word all over the place and it can lead to insights of faith. 

            For example, this year my word is ‘Weave.’  The other day I drove by a shop I had never seen before even though I had driven that way many times.  In the window were spinning wheels and a loom.  It was a fabric and yarn shop and according to the website the owner is a weaver.  I now have a date set with friends to go to the shop and see weaving done on a loom and spinning of yarn for weaving.  How might that lead to insight on my faith?  I’m not sure…stay tuned for updates.  The important thing is to stay open to the word and where it might lead you faith-wise. 

            I have also assigned the congregation a community Star Word.  That word can be found on the banner outside my door.  It is the word “Imagine.”  How does imagine or imagination fit into our faith?  What do we imagine for our future as a congregation and what does God imagine for us?  We will be journeying with that word in sermons, studies, and writings all year.  What can we learn by being open to imagination as it surrounds faith?

            I have already heard from several members that the Star Words are causing some interesting prayer and insight.  I look forward to discussing your star words with you one-on-one and exploring the word Imagine with you.  If you want to set up a time to talk star words, please contact me.

Blessings for your journey!  Rev. Yvette