Pastor’s Pen – June 2024

Pastor’s Pen – June 2024

Welcome to summer! For the month of June, preaching will be a visit to the key figures of the 1 & 2 Book of Samuel. In reading the lectionary for the summer, I realized that I had never preached from the Books of Samuel and I decided I was being given a challenge from God. I have gathered my courage and I am diving in. My hope is that you will dive in with me.

Below is a short history of the Books. This coming Sunday we will hear the story of a woman named Hannah and how her life is a testament to God. Hannah’s story underlines the important themes throughout the book:

  1. God is the universal King and always has been
  2. God guides the lives of the characters in the books because God is the King of History
  3. God’s decisions are always just and right and at the same time merciful and gracious.

All of these points tell us that the key to being like God is obedience to God, of what is impossible for humans is possible for God.

History of the Books of Samuel
Author: Unknown
Date: Written soon after the end of David’s reign around 971 BCE

The Books of 1 & 2 Samuel give witness to some of the most crucial times of transition and change in the story between God and ancient Israel. At the beginning of 1 Samuel, Israel is described as a loose federation of tribes in crisis. The internal crisis is because the priestly house of Eli, where the ark is maintained and the covenant traditions preserved, is dealing with corruption in its own leadership. The external crisis is a military threat from the stronger Philistines.

At the end of 2 Samuel, Israel is led by King David, firmly in place and ruling justly. As written by one commentator, “The momentous changes necessitated by this transition to kingship provide some of the most drastic stories of the Old Testament.”

The Key characters of the books are Eli, Samuel, Saul, and David whose stories overlap with women such as Hannah, whose story I am telling on June 2 in worship, along with Abigail, Bathsheba, and Tamar. On the surface, these stories may seem preoccupied with political power, but key discernment reveals that they also testify to the true power of the Lord, acting in and through personalities and events to bring Israel to a new future in keeping with God’s purposes.

By live stream, being present in worship, or by recorded video, I hope you will join together and explore Samuel with your preachers.

June 2The Story of Hannah1 Sam 1:1-20Rev. Yvette Marie Eber
June 9Samuel & Eli1 Sam 3:1-20Rev. Yvette Marie Eber
June 16Samuel 15 & 16Mark 4:26-34Rev. John Gibbon
June 23David &Goliath1 Sam 17Rev. Yvette Marie Eber



June 4:   “The Chosen – Wedding Feast at Cana”. You can watch “The Chosen” at home or with Rev. Yvette beginning at 12:30. Discussion on the Bible story will begin at 1:30 p.m.

June 11:   “The Chosen – Jesus Loves the Little Children”
June 18:   “The Chosen – Jesus & Nicodemus”
June 25:   “The Chosen – I am He”