Living Out Our Faith While Living Into A New Understanding

Living Out Our Faith While Living Into A New Understanding

The above title suggests that faith is something very “fluid;” that faith is something that we possess but that has the ability to move us, to transform us, and to help us live out our faith in new and productive ways. Many of us agree that practicing radical hospitality in the 21st century is yet another way that the Holy Spirit is compelling us to remain vital while honoring our faith practices as well as considering those time-tested traditions and beliefs.

The other thing that the above titles suggests is that if it is the will of our faith community to officially declare ourselves “an open and affirming” congregation – and truly welcome all people into our midst regardless of sexual orientation – that we commit to continue at a comfortable pace in implementing practices that will promote our new Identity.

In our ongoing discussions about the ONA process some very good questions have been asked and very legitimate concerns have been raised and how we would “live into” being ONA is one of them. The answer is: as a new ONA church we would of course “live into” that new identity at a pace comfortable to all; not too fast but not too slow either. For instance, we will not raise a rainbow flag the same day we vote (if affirmative). Rather,we will have a clear and concise plan for living into the ONA identity; which means maintaining a sense of emotional control and maturity. In short, ours will be a strategic plan for implementation.

In the meantime, let’s keep the honest and respectful dialogue going. And remember, we will not schedule a congregational meeting to discuss and finally vote on the motion to become ONA until we are confident that all members and friends of Plymouth Church have engaged in the resources being shared and that we are prepared to make a well informed decision.

And remember, if you have questions drop them in the “Question Bucket” located in the church parlor. Any and all questions will be addressed to the best of our abilities at the next scheduled listening session. You can identify yourself or remain anonymous.

Next ONA Listening Session #4 – June 25 @ 11:00-12:00 (in the sanctuary)