Delving Deeper While Not Pushing or Rushing Our Decision

Delving Deeper While Not Pushing or Rushing Our Decision

Thank you to those who have (and continue to be) been engaged in reading the book Torn as a Lenten study. Although we did not have many attend the formal discussion group a number of you are conversing in more informal settings and we encourage you to continue. The hope is to have more planned discussion groups this spring and even into the summer months.

Some of the comments that have come from Torn discussions are:

  • He really struggled as he came to terms with his being gay and Christian
  • He really did his homework when developing a biblical understanding and perspective on being gay and remaining faithful to God’s word
  • Wow. I never thought of those scriptures that way; they really don’t apply to being gay or simply being “attracted to the same sex” in the way that some people suggest it.
  • No matter who he went to in his “conservative Christian tradition” they still all “threw the Bible” at him with the same literalistic interpretation.
  • Others simply told him “don’t be gay” like you command a dog “to sit” like it was that simple.
  • Parents or the environment “growing up” really have nothing to do with a person “coming out” as being gay.
  • I have no doubt Jesus would accept and spend time with gays. I think that’s a powerful argument
  • On this issue I don’t presume to know what God intends for certain. But I am not to judge others.
  • Stereo types of gay behavior are exaggerated and often distorted.
  • Science has contributed much to the debate though there are no theories (pro or con) as to “the causes” of a person being gay.
  • I’ve always believed gay people were “wired” differently from straight people. By that I mean I’ve thought it wasn’t a choice they made.
  • I didn’t buy into the idea that how a person was raised had much influence.
  • God may have created man and woman for the reproduction of our species but God also created men and women who have an attraction to their same sex. As it says in 1 Timothy 4:4-5 “For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is made holy by the word of God and prayer.

Let’s keep the honest and respectful discussions going. And remember, we will not have a congregational meeting to discuss and finally vote on the motion to become ONA until we are confident that all members and friends of Plymouth Church have engaged in the resources being shared and that we are prepared to make a well informed decision.

Question Box: It’s actually a “Question Bucket” (thanks to Christine Schultz who made it). There is a rainbow colored bucket located in the church parlor for submitting thoughtful and respectful questions regarding the ONA process and the colorful arena that is the LGBTQ reality. Any and all questions will be addressed to the best of our abilities at the next scheduled listening session. You can identify yourself or remain anonymous.