Mission News

Mission News

Riverview Manor Luncheons

On Sunday, August 27, the Mission team was out in our community at Riverview Manor serving the residents another delicious lunch. Every year we plan two themed luncheons for our friends there. A somewhat smaller group attended the butterfly themed one Sunday but the group never lacks in enthusiasm. There are always special goodies to be had, this time decorated sugar cookies, little gift boxes and a lucky winner gets to keep the table centerpiece. They are already looking forward to our next lunch date with them to be hosted around Valentine’s Day. Over the years, we have developed many friendships so it’s hard to say who enjoys this mission more, so very heartwarming for the Mission team members too.

Sponsoring Student Education

Around the world, the Mission team continues to sponsor two student’s education, one in Haiti and the other in Cambodia. Without these sponsorships, there would be no chance of obtaining an education and a more promising future for these deserving students. They must maintain a certain grade point level to remain eligible. In addition to their homework, the students work and help with chores in their households.

Christmas Shoe Box Project

Now to our annual Operation Christmas shoe box project. Currently, we still need combs, t-shirts and flip flops (all sizes). School supplies are now on sale so please pick a few extra items while out shopping. September is bandanas and socks, followed by toys in October. Thank you all for your continuing support of this important mission.