Children & Youth

Children & Youth


Confirmation is a time of growth, development and reflection on one’s individual journey of faith. To confirm one’s faith is to respond to the questions of baptism and to express one’s own desire to journey as a Christian in adulthood. It consists of a course of instruction that provides youth with insight into: The Bible, its origins, and how to use it; Christian beliefs; understanding God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; and the Christian church.

Sunday School

Sunday School for children ages 3 years old through 2nd grade takes place during the worship hour. Children attend the beginning of the church service in the sanctuary with their parents. At the end of the Children’s Chat, they accompany their Sunday School teacher to the classroom for the remainder of the worship service.

Older children attend LOGOS on Wednesday evenings in lieu of Sunday School.



FOUR PARTS – The LOGOS weekly ministry is made up of four equally important experiences. Every young person participates in each part each week. When you combine LOGOS with Sunday worship, every young person is provided with an arena in which to experience complete Christian nurture.

  • Worship Skills: “Worship is to the Body of Christ what breathing is to the human body. Without it the body dies.” (The Rev. Dr. Dale K. Milligan) The LOGOS Ministry is committed to the preparation of youth and children to provide worship leadership for the congregation on a regular basis. Youth and children become an integral part of worship as it becomes an integral part of the fabric and language of their souls.
  • Family Time: Christ is uniquely known and experienced in the breaking of bread. The LOGOS Family Time is not just a time to eat. It is a time when families of young people and adults are formed around tables. These table families care for and about each other as they share food, fun, and conversation around the table each week. There is a sacramental dimension to eating together. As Jesus is known to his disciples in the breaking of bread, so are we known to each other when we eat together.
  • Recreation Play: Part of what it means to be created in the image of God is having the capacity to give and receive personal revelation. One of the times in which self-revelation takes place is when we play together. We cannot play without revealing ourselves. The challenge in Recreation Play is learning how to treat each other as children of God even at the most difficult moments of self-revelation. Rec/Play gives our youth the opportunity to put what they are learning into practice.
  • Bible Study: Bible study is critical to the LOGOS weekly ministry because it is here that we tell our common story and discover who we are. It is where we learn about the stories of God’s relationship with people and their relationships with one another. We study Biblical concepts such as: life, death, sin, salvation, resurrection, peace, justice and righteousness and define the nature and terms of Christian relationships. Our curriculum is “Faith For Life” outlined later in this handbook.
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