Join God’s Gals

Join God’s Gals

Curious about what GG is all about? Recognizing a growing need for support, love, and comradery for all women in our church, the Mission Team is reaching out to try to fill that void with the formation of God’s Gals.

Who can join? Any woman in our church and their friends.

How can I find out more about God’s Gals? On Sunday, May 7, please plan to attend a salad luncheon after the service. Bring a salad to share and your ideas on how often the group should meet, activities, guest speakers, projects, etc. –THE SKY IS THE LIMIT! All suggestions are welcome.

GOD’S GALS will be a comfortable environment to express your needs, concerns, and to make new friends or to renew past friendships.

The Mission Team is excited to get started and looking forward to seeing each & every one of you at the salad luncheon in May. If you can’t make it that day, we will make sure that future meetings will be posted on the church calendar and in the Sunday bulletin. A Facebook page may be established at some point in the future too.