We have some exciting changes happening for our IMPACT youth kids!

1st Sunday of each month (which is also Communion) in church we will have what will be called “IMPACT in Worship!” The kids would come at 10:00 am and join in on communion! We would be done that day after worship and/or fellowship! This is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to be in church with their family or they are more than welcome to also sit as a group.

On “ALL” the other Sundays for IMPACT we will meet at church at 10:00 am for worship and then Rev. Yvette will have a “Message for All”! After that, the IMPACT youth will be excused to head to our IMPACT Youth room which is behind the Sanctuary. We will be done at noon on those days!

On the Sundays that we will “not” have IMPACT, we will be calling it… “IMPACT on Vacation!” (so we will not be meeting that day but of course, you’re always more than welcome to come to Worship!

We have lots of Missions and Community things in store for 2024! We were invited to come back to do Feed My Starving Children, we have Hygiene kits and TLC blankets to make, and we would love the kids to do a Wednesday night Love Inc. meal!

The Prayer Wall has been built! This Lent, we invite the congregation and the community to come to God in prayer “Again & again” throughout the season weaving your prayers in with the prayers of our community to create a beautiful prayer wall! Woven together, your prayers will form the shape of an ampersand, representing God’s holy “and”. The prayer wall is located outside to the right of the entrance doors. There will be strips of black plastic and Sharpies for all to share and write down their prayers! We will also have a basket inside for those who would like to write down inside and our youth can add to the prayer wall for you. We encourage you to share this with “All” our family, friends, and community so we can make it a great prayer wall!

In February some of our youth, Aubree, Emma, & Calia, had a good time helping Missions pack Valentine cookies for the Valentine Cookie Project!

IMPACT YOUTH MINISTRY meets Sundays 10:00 am!
We invite ALL families with children to come join us at any time!