Sunday Worship Services
  • 124 W. Washington St.
    Burlington, WI 53105

  • Plymouth Congregational UCC

Sunday Worship Services


Worship Services – Sundays at 10:00 a.m.
Communion is served on the 1st Sunday of every month.

Return to Virtual Worship

Beginning January 16, 2022, we will only offer virtual worship.

Once we return in-person, the Operating Council (OC) decided that masks are required and pews are marked to socially distance. Masks and hand sanitizer are available at the front door. Offering plates are at the sanctuary entrance, so you can share your offering either before or after worship. When communion is served, it is available in individual packages as you enter. 

Please be aware there are some things we are not doing. There is no passing of the peace or fellowship hour, and singing will be very limited. We want EVERYONE to be safe, especially our vulnerable members who may be visited by some of us who, although we are vaccinated, may still carry the virus.

We ask everyone to please work with us as we move forward. If we all work together, we can start to work our way to the new normal.