I am writing this in my office after Easter fellowship. The only other person in the building is LaVonne, who is carpet sweeping cookie crumbs. We have traveled through Lent and made it to Easter. Now what? The answer is easy: Eastertide. Easter isn’t a day, it is a season and technically, every Sunday of the year is a mini-Easter, a celebration of resurrection.

As one of my favorite theologians, Laurence Hull Stookey writes, “For the explosive force of the resurrection of the Lord is too vast to be contained within a celebration of one day.” So my friends, welcome to Eastertide. Easter Season in its fullness is 50 days and is often called “The Great Fifty Days.” Welcome to the extended rejoicing in the resurrection and the time to walk with the resurrected Jesus and journey to an understanding of what it means that “He Lives!”

This Sunday, April 7th, we celebrate the Second Sunday of Easter and what is often called Thomas Sunday. Come and explore how doubt can be a powerful tool for God to create off of. Have you ever doubted? No guilt, no shame. God can create with our doubt. Come and be fed at the table that sustains us through doubt. (Communion Sundays, both IMPACT classes remain in worship to celebrate communion.)

So for April, we continue our exploration of who Jesus is:
April 14 – Luke 24:36b-48 – Jesus says “Peace be with you.”
April 21 – John 10:11-18 – Jesus the Good Shepherd
April 28 – John 15:1-8 – I am the true vine, and my Father is the winegrower.

Rev. Yvette

Note to All: Rev. Yvette will be out of the office the week following Easter, but will return on April 7th to lead worship, preach, and preside at communion. BUT if you have any hospitalization or any drastic change in your lives, she can be reached by cell phone or text quickly. She will also check her emails once a day and respond to anything that cannot wait until the following week.